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Avoid Contamination

Contamination can plague a salon from the inside and out. The worst part is, you may not even know if or how you’re the reason it may have happened.  When people think about contamination they really only think about two main things (bacteria and infection) but contamination issues go so much further within a salon. … Read More »

All About Dip Nails!

With Dip Nails rising in popularity, many customers have been asking all about the newest trend: How do you apply Dip nails? How do you remove Dip nails? How long should Dip nails last? How are Dip Nails different from Acrylic nails?  We’re glad you asked, and we have the answers to your questions.
What are … Read More »

What’s the Difference Between Monomers?

DeEnterprises manufactures 6 different acrylic monomers, none of which contain the dangerous and deleterious MMA (methyl methacrylate).  All six of these monomers are very similar in the way they are used and for the most part are also similar in formulation.

Nomma Plus

Nomma Plus is our top selling monomer, and for good reason. … Read More »

Manicure/Pedicure: 5 Nail Conditions Techs Should Know About

As nail technicians, we see more than a few handfuls of nails throughout the course of a day.  Now expand that number over weeks, months, or even years… ok, I think we’re getting the point. We see and work on thousands of clients’ nails and, more often than not, we have to spend some time … Read More »

Private Labeling – Techs, Salons & Beauty Supplies

Private labeling is extremely popular in the cosmetic industry. With competition being so high many beauty supplies and salons have been doing something different. They are marketing and selling their own lines of products, while steering away from the national brands. Most people don’t realize just how easy it is to get started and how … Read More »