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Top 6 Problems With Acrylic Nails and How to Remedy Them

Here at DeEnterprises, we not only manufacture high-quality manicure and pedicure products you can trust, but we also serve as your resource for your troubleshooting needs. As a large part of the nail service industry revolves around acrylic nails, we’d like to help you with the most common difficulties experienced when performing these enhancements.
Runny Acrylic

When … Read More »

Which Top Coat Should You Use?

Some may argue that the most noticeable part of a manicure is how it looks when it is finished.  Ideally, you’d like your work to shine, draw attention and to confidently know that your work is going to last long enough to be enjoyed. Here at DeEnterprises, we manufacture 6 different Top Coats (and one … Read More »

4 Steps to Your Best Pedicure!

Wholesale Deluxe Pedicure Products: Renew, Revitalize and Refresh!






Dry, flaky, itchy skin doesn’t look good and it certainly doesn’t feel good. When it happens to our feet it often gets ignored, but it shouldn’t. There are a lot of pieces that go into providing a high-quality deluxe pedicure. Spa chairs and all the maintenance they require … Read More »

Avoid Contamination

Contamination can plague a salon from the inside and out. The worst part is, you may not even know if or how you’re the reason it may have happened.  When people think about contamination they really only think about two main things (bacteria and infection) but contamination issues go so much further within a salon. … Read More »

All About Dip Nails!

With Dip Nails rising in popularity, many customers have been asking all about the newest trend: How do you apply Dip nails? How do you remove Dip nails? How long should Dip nails last? How are Dip Nails different from Acrylic nails?  We’re glad you asked, and we have the answers to your questions.
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