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Private Labeling – Techs, Salons & Beauty Supplies

Private labeling is extremely popular in the cosmetic industry. With competition being so high many beauty supplies and salons have been doing something different. They are marketing and selling their own lines of products, while steering away from the national brands. Most people don’t realize just how easy it is to get started and how … Read More »

Image of three bottles with bonder, primer and dehydrator.

What is the difference? Nail Bonders, Primers & Dehydrators

  There is no surprise that bonders, primers and dehydrators are confusing.  All three products aid in one common goal: Increase adhesion to the natural nail. What most people don’t realize is the similarity stops there. Each products differs both chemically and in the way it actually promotes adhesion.


Products like Read More »

Blog post about why acrylic nails sometimes have bobbles!

Bubbles in acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails is our business! We could go in depth and talk about molecular structure and give you an eBook about why there are air bubbles in the acrylics you just applied to a customer…or… Instead we can keep this simple! Fist I have a simplifies list of what cause bubbles in acrylic nails. … Read More »

We have 6 high quality sugar scrubs that will not be beat.

Sugar Scrubs: Renew and Revitalize

Step out of dry, flaky skin and into soft, moisturized skin that’s perfect for summer with the help of Island Breeze Sugar Scrubs. Island Breeze Sugar Scrubs are strong enough to slough off dead skin and exfoliate, while providing your skin with nourishing minerals such as Aloe and Vitamin … Read More »

Lifting is bad, but preventable.

How to keep acrylic nails from lifting

When lifting acrylics happen we want to know what will prevent it from happening again. Before we even start in preventing acrylics nails from lifting we recommend taking a look at proper nail preparation. In this post what we have for you are the most common reasons lifting occurs. Secondly, we have the best … Read More »