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Temperature Changes and the Effect on Acrylic Nails

Temperature Changes and the Effect on Acrylic Nails


If you’re looking for signs that the seasons are changing, the first post-summer snowfall is usually a pretty obvious one.  As we’ve just gotten our first snowfall marking the start of some real cold weather ahead, we wanted to address a question we get asked frequently, around this … Read More »

All About Ombre Nails


All About OMBRE Nails!


Psssst!!!  Did you know that you can create beautiful Ombre nails with
ALL our powders?

It’s True!


Many people have called us recently asking for Ombre Powders.  The common thought is that there are only specific powders that can produce this type of enhancement.  Well, due to the popular and very frequently asked … Read More »

5 IMPORTANT Lessons to Keeping Your Manicure AT ITS BEST!

5 IMPORTANT Lessons to Keeping Your Manicure AT ITS BEST!


Acrylic nails have been stylish for many years, and everyone loves showing them off to their friends, co-workers and acquaintances. Of course, as they’re showing off your talent and hard work, inevitably the topic comes up about “Who did your Nails?”  And, make no mistake, there … Read More »

What Is Gel Powder?

What is Gel Powder?


One of our top selling polymers is our Advanced Gel Clear Powder.  This is our clearest clear powder with some customers referring to it as crystal powder because of the superior clarity. However, there is a large amount of confusion about the differences between gel powder and acrylic powder, if … Read More »

Universal No-Chip Top and Base Coat

If it seems like there are hundreds, maybe even hundreds of thousands of gel polish colors available – there are. Gel Polish is everywhere. It has become so overly saturated in the marketplace that UV/LED lights and supplies for a no-chip manicure have become readily available for the end user to purchase and give themselves … Read More »