5 IMPORTANT Lessons to Keeping Your Manicure AT ITS BEST!

5 IMPORTANT Lessons to Keeping Your Manicure AT ITS BEST!


Acrylic nails have been stylish for many years, and everyone loves showing them off to their friends, co-workers and acquaintances. Of course, as they’re showing off your talent and hard work, inevitably the topic comes up about “Who did your Nails?”  And, make no mistake, there is a business-critical difference between:



          – and –

Now, you can only control the job that you’ve done in the salon, while you were doing it. But that doesn’t definitively control how your work looks on your customer’s hands while they’re out in the world showing them off. Sadly, there are very few things you can actually do to protect your work and your craftsmanship, but one thing you can do is prepare your customer with pertinent information to keep your art looking the way you’d prefer. After all, your work is your walking (and talking) advertisement to everyone, potential customer or otherwise.

Since open dialogue is important between clients and professionals – What should you be telling your clients after you just spent your time and efforts to complete an enhancement? Here are 5 important lessons to teach your customer about keeping your work looking its best.


1   •   Have regular maintenance services.

Fill-ins and regular maintenance are required every 2-3 weeks, depending on the customer’s nail growth. These services will return their nails to the pristine condition they were in, looking healthy and beautiful. Leaving more than the recommended time can result in breakages and lifting of the nail enhancements which may cause problems to the natural nails.


2   •    Treat your nails as Jewels – not tools.

You would hope that none of your customers would use their engagement ring’s diamond for something like prying a jar open. Some customers unfortunately do not want to understand this point when it comes to nail enhancements.  After all, they feel considerably more durable than the natural nail. However, repetitive or severe pressure on the nail enhancements will lead to cracks that usually result in full blown breaks.  This also means you should tell your customers not to bite, pick or file at their “jewels.” This can cause them to lift, become weak and break, and possibly cause damage and thinning to their natural nails.


3   •   NO Home Repairs.

If a nail tip breaks, your customers should not be taking it upon themselves to try gluing it back on as air may become trapped between the tip and the natural nail which can lead to bacterial infections. Also, they should never try to glue down lifted product either. Without proper sanitation, moisture can become trapped and provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. “No Home Repairs” also means they should not be trying to push back their ongoing cuticle growth as this will enhance the gap between the natural nails and the nail enhancements and maintenance will be required more frequently.


4   •   Apply and massage a good Cuticle Oil to the cuticle areas daily.

Many people prefer to do this before bed to maintain the enhancements flexibility and durability, strengthen the natural nails, and to keep the cuticles soft. It also keeps the natural nails from getting dehydrated thus preventing the natural nails curling away from the enhancements. Your customer may also want to invest in a good hand cream to keep the skin of their hands looking young and feeling soft and smooth.



Your customers should never try to remove their nail enhancements by themselves as it poses a strong potential to cause severe and possibly permanent damage to their natural nails.   They should, however, ALWAYS have them professionally removed when the time comes.