We come from humble beginnings. Our founders Frank and Laura got the inspiration to start DeEnterprises when they discovered a new type of acrylic system. Their system was the first low odor acrylic that cures in warm water. This process allowed nail technicians time to position the acrylic perfectly, nearly eliminating the need to file. Although it was risky they sold their house and committed everything they had into starting the business and launching the product line. DeEnterprises first production facility was a garage.

As time went on, the industry started to evolve and Asian Americans were becoming the prominent force in the nail industry. DeEnterprises welcomed the new salon owners providing valuable guidance on the day to day challenges the new salon owners encountered.

Today Frank and Laura have handed over control to their sons Frank (Frankie) and Peter. The boys are carrying on the values that make DeEnterprises a great vendor and partner to work with. As the world and industry continues to evolve they are committed learn, adapt and improve along the way. The core principles we operate under are integrity, consistency, value, quality and support.  Our products are formulated using good manufacturing process with high quality ingredients to deliver unmatched results. Our owners were salon owners and nail technicians, so we understand what is important about a product.



Our DeEnterprises Family