What is PH Plus?

PH Plus is a Bonder – a universal type product responsible for increasing adhesion on the natural nail. Bonders are traditionally solvent based formulations used to remove oils and raise the pH of the natural nail. With the basic alkaline formulation of PH Plus on the higher end of the pH scale, our bonder slightly and temporarily expands the pores in the natural nail plate allowing many different nail enhancements to stick better.

Bonders are commonly thought to be another form of Primer.  While both products are adhesion promoters, they differ chemically and react with the nail in different ways. Bonders and Primers are both part of the nail prep stages of an enhancement, and many techs and salon owners are under the belief that primer and bonder are essentially the same thing – they are not.
Traditionally when using bonder, one wouldn’t have to use primer, and vice-versa. However, if an acrylic customer historically experiences lifting even with primer, PH Plus can be applied before primer just for an extra amount of staying power. Allow the PH Plus to dry before applying primer to avoid any adverse effects.

Outside of traditional liquid and powder acrylics, bonder is a product that should be used frequently.  A very popular enhancement choice for customers right now is Dip Acrylic.  This has gained popularity for salon customers for a myriad of reasons, but it is also popular within the salon due to the ease of application in following a numeric system 1 through 4. The products for the dip system are also commonly ordered as #1, #2, #3 and #4 without much thought as to what those products actually are. As the #1, Bonder is the starting block for creating an enhancement that is supposed to last.

Even if you are just polishing natural nails with a traditional lacquer, a quick wipe with PH Plus helps prevent chipping. Basically, anything a nail technician needs to adhere better, PH Plus is there to help ensure the enhancement sticks around to be enjoyed.

When should you be using PH Plus?

  • Step #1 in Dip System
  • Before nail polish (lacquer)
  • Before gel polish
  • Before UV/LED Gels
  • Acrylics: Before primer on clients who are prone to lifting
  • Before ANY nail enhancement to help promote adhesion


Want to try PH Plus for free?  We will send you an 8 oz bottle completely free with a $550.00 purchase (before any applicable shipping and/or taxes).