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Our goal is to help make our customer's businesses better through integrity, reliability, and value.

Product Categories

DeEnterprises is family owned with over 30 years of experience in professional nail and pedicure product manufacturing for both wholesale beauty supplies and nail technicians.

Private label services and product customization is available for nail product distributors, pedicure product wholesale, and beauty supply owners. DeEnterprises also sells top quality, low cost nail and pedicure products direct to nail technicians and salon owners in search of superior products packaged in simple bulk containers. Consistent quality in terms of products and service is the number one priority.

Who We Help

We’re here for Support

With over 35 years of experience, DeEnterprises strives to help you make your business better. We use our expertise to provide you the knowledge about our products and helpful tips to make each experience better. Our quality products are priced to give your business deluxe style products at low cost. Our Service Team is here for any questions you may have and can provide technical support for any projects you may have.

Technical Support is available to help:

  • Product Application
  • Tutorials
  • Label Design
  • Custom Products
  • Troubleshooting

Salon Owners

Stock Salons with Deluxe quality products. We carry single use to bulk size products to best suit your needs whether you are an at-home salon to multi location salons. We’re here to support your needs.


Wholesale & Distributors

Buying in bulk saves time and money. All of our products are sold in bulk to help your business grow while you save money. If you’re just opening up or filling your shelves. We’ve got you covered.


Co-Packaging Customers

We can support small to large size runs on many beauty products. We’ll use our efficiencies to help get your products produced in a timely fashion.

DeEnterprises Co-Packaging

Your products. Your customers. Our bottling, packaging, and logistics expertise bringing the two together.

We treat your products like the most important thing in the world. Because they are. You’re running a small business. The marketplace moves fast. You have to be able to meet demands in slow times and when you’re flying off the shelf. Our co-packing services are designed for businesses like yours.

We help you:

  • Save Money
  • Control Your Production
  • Enhance Your Reputation
  • Attract more sales

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About Us

DeEnterprises, Inc. possesses over 35 years of manicure and pedicure product experience. During the spring of 1983 nail salon owners, Frank & Laura DeSantis, came across a new type of acrylic system. DeEnterprises was the first company to develop a low odor acrylic that cures in warm water. This process allowed the nail technician time to position the acrylic perfectly on the nail eliminating most of the need to file.

As time went on, the industry started to evolve and Asian Americans were becoming the prominent force in the nail industry. DeEnterprises welcomed the new salon owners providing valuable guidance on the day to day issues the new salon owners encountered.

Over the last few years, we have been able to incorporate our customization of salon products  into co-packing for other many other groups. Our efficiency is greatest from small to medium size runs. We focus on being quick and affordable for every one of our clients.

Today we continue to develop new products to meet the needs of our customers and their clients. We stand by our pledge to help customers every step of the way. Our products are formulated with high quality ingredients to deliver unmatched results. Our owners were salon owners and nail technicians, so we know the needs our customers.

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