Pedicure Packets – Made in the USA


Do you want to know a secret to maximizing your salon’s profitability?

…… It’s ALWAYS Pedicure Season!


Salons commonly see a decrease in pedicure services during the winter months, but that’s when your customers need them even more!  It’s easy to notice needing a pedicure in the summer when wearing sandals and flip-flops. Winter is rougher on the feet, and we hide them away with boots and heavier shoes.

Whether you’re performing a dozen pedicures a day, or a hundred pedicures a day, controlling your cost on product is just one of many integral pieces of running a salon. We are pleased to introduce our *3 Step Pedicure Packets*

This Deluxe Pedicure System controls your inventory without needing to measure scoops, makes your service time more efficient (without your customer feeling rushed), while consistently delivering a thoroughly enjoyable, pampered, and sanitary pedicure experience.

We value our customer’s feedback, and we were consistently asked to make a 3 step pedicure. You asked, and we delivered!

Step 1: Foot Soak
♦    Soften & Cleanse

Step 2: Sugar Scrub
♦    Exfoliate & Invigorate

Step 3: Massage Butter
♦    Rehydrate & Protect

These are simple in approach, easy to use, and exceptionally high quality products.   Our top three fragrances are ready and available:

Green Tea




Exotic Citrus



Want to make it a *4* Step Pedicure in packets? We have Callus Remover available in packets!