What Is Gel Powder?

What is Gel Powder?

One of our top selling polymers is our Advanced Gel Clear Powder.  This is our clearest clear powder with some customers referring to it as crystal powder because of the superior clarity. However, there is a large amount of confusion about the differences between gel powder and acrylic powder, if there even is a difference at all. First, let’s start with defining the differences in the state of matter between the two-part name “Gel” and “Powder.”

Most people are familiar with three states of matter: Solid, Liquid and Gas. The easiest way to visualize and comprehend these differences is with water – Ice is a solid, Water itself is liquid, and Steam is a gas. There is another more exotic combination of these states of matter called Colloids, and that is where we find Gels.


Gel is a semi-rigid structure suspended in a liquid to create a jellylike substance able to hold its shape.



Powder on the other hand is a solid state of matter that has been ground, crushed or disintegrated into fine dry particles.



By these two descriptions of state alone, the name “Gel Powder” is conflicting.

Is it a Gel, or is it a Powder?



What is the difference between Gel Powder and Acrylic Powder?


In short, Gel Powder and Acrylic Powder are the same thing.

Really, they are, but there is a reason for this as well.


30 or so years ago there was a considerable difference between Gel Powder and Acrylic powder, determined largely in part to the fineness of the grind or the powder’s particle size. Gel Powder was a much finer grind of acrylic powder, but they were both comprised of polymerized monomers. As mechanical and technological advancements swept through the nail industry, the fineness of the powder became more uniformed as it was demonstrated and proven that the smaller particle sizes allowed for a better balance between strength, flexibility and hardness.  As the improvements in manufacturing practices and application techniques advanced through time, the differences between Gel powder and Acrylic powder became smaller and smaller. Today, we are proud to say that ALL our high-quality powders are milled to the same fineness that made Gel Powder so popular in past years. While we at DeEnterprises have embraced the technological advancements in our manufacturing processes to consistently produce these great powders and keep you supplied, we still carry a powder that utilizes the name of Gel Powder.  We know there is no longer a substantial difference between Gel Powder and Acrylic Powder, but we kept the name listed as an available product simply as a convenience for our long-time customers that have been purchasing this powder over the last 35 years. Even still this Advanced Gel Clear is actually the same exact powder as our Clear Advanced Powder with different markings on the jar.

Bottom Line: Gel Powder IS acrylic powder. They aren’t so different after all – It just has a different name.