Universal No-Chip Top and Base Coat

If it seems like there are hundreds, maybe even hundreds of thousands of gel polish colors available – there are. Gel Polish is everywhere. It has become so overly saturated in the marketplace that UV/LED lights and supplies for a no-chip manicure have become readily available for the end user to purchase and give themselves a salon experience right at home.


Many different companies make gel polish and different brands can even be made by those same manufacturers just branded with a different label. How can you tell them apart? More importantly – if the core products of the service can be compatible with all the other varying brands, do you even have to?


Since so many colors are already available, with seemingly more coming out each day through the countless different brands, how can a Salon stay on top of it all? Salons and business owners want to increase their profitability on this service (naturally, that’s why you’re in business) and the best way to do that is become more cost efficient without having to raise prices to retain your profit margin. You need a product that can function universally with other brands for the products you use for a no-chip every time, regardless of color selected: your Top and Base coats. Enter our AnGelic™ Gel Polish Collection. Our No-Chip Gel Polish collection has only 36 different colors, but more importantly…


Our no-chip Top and Base Coats are compatible with any other gel polishes and colors you may use!


The Eternal Base Coat provides maximum adhesion, keeping your art securely attached to your customer’s nails and the Almighty Top Coat seals it on with an ultra-shiny no-chip finish. Both engineered No-Chip products offer a smooth application with quick drying times and consistently remarkable results. AnGelic™ Gel Polish Top and Base Coats have been formulated with our customer’s feedback to apply easier, last longer and soak-off faster than other brands and they are available at manufacturer direct pricing. With our bulk pricing for 16 oz refills and full gallon (128 oz) sizes there are opportunities to save your business a considerable amount of money too!