What’s the Difference Between Monomers?

DeEnterprises manufactures 3 different acrylic monomers, none of which contain the dangerous and deleterious MMA (methyl methacrylate).  Both of these monomers are very similar in the way they are used and for the most part are also similar in formulation.

Nomma Plus

Nomma Plus is our top selling monomer, and for good reason. This liquid for acrylic nails takes advantage of the advancements in chemical technology over the last 20 years. The formula contains a UV Inhibitor to prevent natural discoloration of the product.  During high intensity or prolonged exposure to UV lights, the added UV Inhibitor will break down slowly extending the life of the applied enhancements.  A careful blend of methacrylates addresses a balance between maximum hardness and flexibility without neglecting adhesion.  Nomma Plus is a primerless liquid, meaning you won’t necessarily have to use primer unless a specific client experiences recurring problems with lifting.  It also contains the highest possible amount of the catalyst chemical responsible for the reaction with benzoyl peroxide in acrylic polymers accelerating the curing process.

Traits –  Technologically advanced liquid

Color –  Dark purple

Fragrance –  Watermelon (sweetener)


Nomma Lite

For all intents and purposes, both Nomma Plus and Nomma Lite are formulated identically except for two key differences: color and smell.  By using less dye in the formula, Nomma Lite is a lighter shade of purple. Instead of adding a fragrance to sweeten the smell, Nomma Lite is formulated with a masking agent to better contain the overall potency of the smell.

Traits –  Fundamentally and technologically identical to Nomma Plus

Color –  Lighter purple

Fragrance –  Masking agent (hides chemical smell)


Nomma 21 –

Nomma 21 is very similar in nearly every characteristic to the Nomma Plus.  We manufactured this liquid for many years as a custom product. Recent supply chain shortages from 2020’s shutdowns and catastrophic events at raw material manufacturing plants led to an increased demand warranting it’s introduction as a stock formulation. The only difference between the 21 and Plus formulations is going to involve the use of Primer before application.  The Nomma Plus is a primerless liquid, meaning you don’t have to use primer before application; when using the Nomma 21 formulation it is recommended to use primer to ensure appropriate adhesion.    Most people using Nomma Plus still use a primer beforehand, as a good practice, so if you use primer before application anyways, there are no other fundamental differences.

Traits –  Not a primerless liquid, otherwise characteristically comparable to Nomma Plus

Color –  Dark purple

Fragrance –  Watermelon (sweetener)


Why the Purple Color?

Many people recently have been looking for a monomer that does not have any dye added and they want it to be a translucent, water-like clear. As you may have noticed, all our acrylic monomers contain a purple dye (except Control Clear).  This dye serves two main purposes:

1) Improves the overall appearance of the liquid by hiding the naturally occurring straw color of the raw materials contained within the formulations.

2) Helps hide yellowing.  Even if the product endures enough exposure to elements conducive to yellowing, the intent of the purple is to still show the purple color stronger than any yellow discoloration.


We strive to provide you with the highest quality products because our customers deserve the very best.  Please comment below if you have any additional questions!