Magic Bond Acrylic Nail Primer 8 fl. oz.

8 fl. oz.


Our nail primer is a non-burning and non-etching primer that allows acrylics, gel polish, or fiberglass to adhere to the natural nail.  Magic Bond is compatible with many different artificial nail applications.

Looking for another size? Magic Bond Primer is available in a 4 fl. oz., 16 fl. oz. & a Gallon.

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More Information

Magic Bond Primer ensures proper adhesion of acrylic to the natural nail. Non-burning. Non-etching. Non-acid. An industry leader of over 15 years of nail primer manufacturing experience.

How is it used?

After the nail tip is applied, brush on a small amount of primer to the exposed natural nail. Wait for the primer to dry completely (approximately 1 minute).

Why should you use it?

Magic Bond Primer reveals a clean, moisture-free, reliable surface for acrylic nail powder to adhere to.