Time is More Than Money!

Moving, curing, and doing everything faster is a common theme for many of our customers and across the professional nail industry as a whole. The old saying is “Time is Money,” and when you’re a bit faster with each client you may be able to see an extra customer or two in each day. Certainly that can add up to higher profitability – but, at what cost? The idea that fitting more customers in per day must be better for business is at times short-sighted. The dollar amount and profitability at that exact moment may calculate to be higher, but businesses do not succeed or fail in only one day’s time. If the dollar amount for the day is higher at the expense of customer satisfaction, the money will eventually run out when customers try other salons for a better experience.

A customer of ours (which shall remain nameless, of course) called us asking for help in acquiring fast drying products. She mentioned that her salon owner and boss suggested that she is not ready to work in the industry because she is not fast enough with her customers. More importantly this technician, that has been doing nails for 3 years, is calling us concerned about her skills and if she’d even be able to keep her job in her current salon. She estimated it takes between 35 and 40 minutes to complete a pedicure or gel manicure, and “the boss” wants her to be at least 10 minutes faster per customer regardless of service rendered.

Manicures and pedicures (especially pedicures) are so much more than trimming nails and slapping polish on before rushing to the next customer. In most customer’s cases, they are in your place of business for a service that makes them feel pampered and relaxed. When they see the salon is packed and technicians are rushing to get from one customer to another that relaxation dissipates faster than acetone and the performance of the service often suffers as well, leaving the customer unhappy or dissatisfied in a few hours or even days later.

Being time conscientious can prove to be profitable within a salon, of course. But, when the customer doesn’t feel pampered, important, or [even worse] they walk out feeling like they’re no more valuable to your business than the physical cash paid to receive your service, they may be prompted to go elsewhere next time. They won’t feel any motivation to go back to your place of business if they think they can get the same thing or better a few blocks down the road. That will add up to hurt your bottom line badly over time. In the short-term it could lead to your salon getting bad reviews, and because customers talk (a lot) the long-term problem is you could be closing your doors for good in no time… because you didn’t want to take the time to remember the customer. Some of the best customers in the industry are the ones who build and maintain relationships with their technician. It is paramount to remember while everyone came in to your salon for a different reason, and it’s never just to hand you money and walk out.

Time is not only money; it leads to experiences and experiences take time.


If the experience is everything, time is everything.