Proper nail care starts with proper nail preparation!

Rule #1 to nice nails is Proper Nail Preparation!

Although it only takes five minutes, those five minutes of pre-manicure nail preparation are the most crucial to maintaining beautiful, healthy nails. Prepping nails is especially important when applying nail enhancements such as acrylics or UV gels, or when refilling existing enhancements. Remember, a good nail technician will always take the time to include proper nail prep into his/her manicure regimen.


Why prep?

  • Aids adhesion
  • Prevents mold and bacteria from growing in nails


Working area

Ensuring that your work space and tools are sanitized prior to performing a nail service on a client is imperative. Disinfect all hard surfaces and replace any used terry towels or paper rolls that you use to protect hard surfaces. Sterilize all tools and if your files are not able to be sanitized, change them.


The Process

  1. Sterilize your and your client’s hands with an antibacterial hand wash or soap and warm water. If your client is wearing nail polish, now is the time to remove it.
  2. Soften cuticles and dead skin surrounding them by applying cuticle oil or remover. Then use a clean cuticle pusher or knife to carefully push back eponychium and remove any dead skin from the surrounding area. Doing so will help aid adhesion when applying nail enhancements.
  3. Removing nail shine from the nail plate also helps maximize adhesion. Use a white block or a grit cushioned board and buff nail plate in an up-and-down motion over nails.
  4. Soak a lint-free pad or gauze pad with PH Plus and use it to thoroughly cleanse the nail plate and surrounding areas. Because PH Plus is made to raise the Ph level of your nail and to absorb any excess oil, pay close attention to the cuticle and nail beds– areas that tend to harbor oils and bacteria.
  5. At this time, begin prepping your tools for the next stage. Because the nail absorbed the PH Plus and became slightly enlarged, the nail needs just a few minutes to dehydrate again and return back to its natural shape and size.


Now, you can begin the next step of your nail service.

By Peter DeSantis the Marketing Director at DeEnterprises Inc., a Chemical Manufacturer of Manicure and Pedicure Products. You can find Peter on Google+ and Twitter.