4 Steps to Your Best Pedicure!

Wholesale Deluxe Pedicure Products: Renew, Revitalize and Refresh!

Dry, flaky, itchy skin doesn’t look good and it certainly doesn’t feel good. When it happens to our feet it often gets ignored, but it shouldn’t. There are a lot of pieces that go into providing a high-quality deluxe pedicure. Spa chairs and all the maintenance they require are expensive, but high-end spa chairs alone do not make a pedicure deluxe. After your clients leave, they won’t remember the feel of the massaging spa chair, but they will be able to tell if the products used were high quality. You want your clients to think they just received the best pedicure they’ve ever had. By choosing the very best products made right here at DeEnterprises, you’re well on your way to providing a remarkably memorable service for your clients.

Step 1: Spa Soak

 – Softens

 – Cleanses

The first part of the pedicure that anyone experiences should be soaking their feet. Putting your feet in a tub of warm water is an effective and enjoyable way to relax after a long day.  This can relieve aches and pains from standing for hours or walking in uncomfortable shoes all while working towards hydrating the skin.  This is exactly why a superior and deluxe pedicure begins by going an extra step further with our Foot Soak. With our Spa Soak, customers can decompress and relax as the aromatic hydrotherapy takes them to an island in paradise while the soothing soak gently melts away the result of hard days on their feet. As Epsom salt dissolves into the water and soaks into your client’s feet magnesium sulfate begins to flush toxins from the skin cells. While magnesium sulfate has a high detoxifying effect, it is also an aid for the body’s natural ability to maintain normal nerve and muscle function. As the magnesium is absorbed, pain-reducing ions are released reducing inflammation, circulation increases and muscle cramps and joint pain are eased.  While magnesium sulfates found in our spa soak can be absorbed through the digestive tract by eating certain foods (ex: dry roasted almonds, spinach and cashews) the National Institutes of Health suggests that different drugs and medical conditions can interfere with its effectiveness; therefore, soaking is actually the most effective means of allowing the body to absorb the magnesium our bodies need.

Step 2: Sugar Scrub

 – Exfoliates

 – Invigorates

The second part of a deluxe pedicure focuses on exfoliation. Some skin cells are just too far damaged to be refreshed, and they need to be gently removed. Our skin is the largest organ of the body, and removing these cells damaged beyond repair is a way to increase its effectiveness of absorbing nutrients and rejecting toxins. This essential element of skin care can be traced back as far as the ancient Egyptians. Pumice stones and sand mixed with aloe vera were popularly used in the ancient times, but we have come a long way in developing more advanced exfoliating scrubs.

Much like the ancient times, some companies today still make their scrubs with a sandy-feeling pumice. Pumice scrubs work fairly well at sloughing off your client’s damaged and/or dead skin cells, but they fall short with the invigoration of healthy skin cells. Although pumice based scrubs are usually inexpensive and attractive to the cost-conscious salon owner, they can also leave behind an unwanted greasy feel on your clients’ skin that needs to be wiped or washed away before moving on to the next steps. Pumice also does not dissolve and ends up leaving behind sediment build up inside the piping of your expensive spa chair leading to clogs, leaks and breaks.

There are many technicians who already know the drawbacks of pumice, and they use salt scrubs instead.  Salt is definitely the lesser of two evils when it comes to wear and tear on the spa chairs because the salt crystals will partially dissolve, leaving much less behind than pumice.  Salt is usually more expensive than pumice, but less expensive than sugar. It hits right in the middle ground of cost effectiveness and productive results. Salt crystals are also generally coarser and more abrasive than sugar. Salt is not bad (it really isn’t!) but it does leave something to be desired when you’re looking for a product to provide an exceptional, memorable deluxe pedicure. Your pedicures should be extraordinary!

By using our Sugar Scrubs your pedicures will improve remarkably. All our sugar scrubs are formulated with high-quality ingredients to consistently exceed expectations.  The generous blend of aloe vera, glycerin, vitamin E and tea tree oils in our Sugar Scrubs will not separate regardless of how long they have been sitting, meaning you don’t need to take the extra time between clients to re-mix your product.  With a few drops of water or on damp skin our proprietary Pedi Glide TechnologyTM provides a consistent, honey-like application to gently remove dead skin cells. Our sugar scrubs will not only feel great while exfoliating and invigorating your clients’ skin, but the delicate sugar crystals will also dissolve completely without leaving behind any residue or sediment on your client’s skin or in your spa chair, sinks or drains and without pollutants. These scrubs are packed full of skin nourishing botanicals and vitamins to reveal soft and beautiful skin. The glycolic acid content of sugar is just another benefit that works towards protecting the skin against toxins. Just leave your customer’s skin damp and apply a small amount to their feet and legs. Massage the scrub into their skin to activate the exfoliating sugars before rinsing off thoroughly. This gently polishes and softens your customer’s skin and leaves it with a healthy glow. Sugar Scrubs are safe to be used over the entire body to detoxify all skin and may offer temporary relief to minor aches and pains.

Step 3: Detox Mask

 – Repairs

 – Detoxifies

After the exfoliating sugar scrub, our Detox Mask drastically improves the appearance of skin.  But what exactly makes this Marine Mask so detoxifying? We have formulated a balance of materials that utilizes purified mineral clay, kaolin, bentonite, botanicals, aloe vera and vitamin E to remove toxins from within your skin.

Whole mud baths have existed naturally for thousands of years, commonly in areas where hot spring water is able to combine with volcanic ash. People travel to the Volcan de Lodo El Totumo (translation: Totumo Mud Volcano) 45 minutes northeast of Cartagena, Columbia to experience the therapeutic baths and enjoy the numerous health benefits. Purified bentonite clay used in our mask is an organic material composed of volcanic ash and has an extensive history of being a traditional healer and protectant from disease.  We come into a wide array of toxins in our world today through common products like paint, cleaning supplies, markers, low-quality unpurified water and even fumes in the air around us.  “Heavy metal toxins” can be found in these places but can also be found in foods containing high fructose corn syrup and even some types of fish.  Most toxins that we encounter through our daily lives possess positively charged molecules, whereas our mask has negatively charged molecules.  When left on the skin, the negatively charged molecules attract and draw out the positively charged molecules of unwanted bacteria and toxins living on the surface of the skin and within the pores.  Removing these toxins allows room for more oxygen in the skin cells and leaves your client feeling more energized while their skin regains a heightened ability to repair itself more naturally.

Step 4: MassageButter

 – Rehydrates

 – Protects

The last step to the perfect pedicure is hydration and protection.  Our ultra-hydrating Massage Butter is formulated with the best skin softening ingredients, giving your feet something to smile about. The richness of shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E leave the skin softer and more moisturized that than even the best lotions. Our skin is always susceptible to damage from the inclement weather around us.  Bitter winter weather, the hot sun and dry air can “weather” the skin.  Massage Butter forms a thin protective layer of high quality nutrients and minerals on the skin that helps our skin battle the harshness of those outside conditions.  This thin protective layer works in conjunction with our Mask. After the Mask has extracted and washed away positively charged toxins, the thin protective layer formed by body butter allows the skin to retain moisture and feel silky soft while simultaneously providing a barrier to keep those unwanted toxins out.

Finishing with Massage Butter is an absolute must when offering a deluxe pedicure for your clients, because it is the part they will experience the longest even after they are walking out of your salon or sitting at their home days later. They will be able to feel the softness of their skin and remember the great pedicure they just got from your salon… and best yet, they’ll look forward to their next one.


These incredible Deluxe Pedicure products are available in 1 Gallon jars or 5 Gallon pails.  As with our other products we always recommend purchasing in bulk to maximize your total value and savings. To maximize your savings even further we also have 4 Step Packages available for 1 Gallon sizes and 5 Gallon Pail sizes.