Spray On Activator

32 fl. oz., 1 Gallon

Size: 32 fl. oz., 1 Gallon
Product Total:

What is it?

Spray On Activator is a Dip Resin activator. It is used to harden the resin used as the base and top of dip systems.

How is it used?

Spray On Activator is designed to be used as part of any dip system. Once you have completed he dipping process you simply Spray on our Brush On Activator to harden the resin. 

Why should you use it?

Dip systems are becoming one of the newest trends. The advantages of using our Spray On activator for your resin is simple. It works well and you can buy it at an economical price. This allows for lower costs on your Dip services achiving two main goals. Making your company more competitve and more profitable at the same time.  

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