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Raw Scrub

1 Gallon, 5 Gallon Pail

Item # 60-601
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What is it?

Raw Scrub is a plain scrub containing none of the added botanicals or aromatic scents. This leaves you a blank canvas to mix any of the extracts.


How is it used?

When this product is mixed with the Extracts the steps are simple. First, scoop out a desired amount of Raw Scrub into a bowl. Second, using an Extract of your choice add approximately 1-2 dropper bulbs for every cup of product. Then mix for a few seconds.


Why should you use it?

Only store one or two buckets of Scrub but with the extracts be able to offer up to 12 different variations to your clients. Offer a lemon pedicures on Thursday and a pomegranate pedicures on Saturday without having to store different products for each one.

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