Most Popular Acrylic Powders – 10oz

Our 5 most popular acrylic polymers in a smaller size.

Normally we only sell our powder by the pound, but our top 5 most popular acrylic powders are available in a smaller 10 oz size.

  • Acrylic Powder Asian Blend
  • Acrylic Powder Dark Pink
  • Advanced Gel Clear
  • Advanced Powder Dark Pink
  • Advanced Powder Super White

For more details about each powder click on “MORE INFORMATION” down below.

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  • 8 oz Callus Remover Gel
    Spend $250.00
  • 8 fl. oz. PH Plus & 8 fl. oz. Callus Remover
    Spend $550.00
  • Callus Remover Gallon Free Gift 1 gal. Callus Remover Gel
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More Information

Acrylic Powder Asian Blend

  • Our #1 selling acrylic polymer
  • Asian Blend is a mixed powder that is ready to use
  • A natural pink colored powder

Acrylic Powder Dark Pink

  • #1 pink for pink & white acrylic
  • Creates a medium pink nail

Advanced Gel Clear

  • #1 clear powder
  • Very strong

Advanced Powder Dark Pink

  • Our darkest pink

Advanced Powder Super White

  • #1 white ¬†for pink & white acrylic
  • Very white
  • Never yellows

About Our Wholesale Acrylic Powders

Whether it is your first set of nails or a seasoned professional these powders have what it takes to deliver a perfect set of nails. Acrylic Powder (Standard Set) is often referred to as all season powder. These powders can be used in summer as well as winter. This powder is an industry-standard with over 25 years of use.

How is it used?

A comparable application to typical nail acrylic systems, but has been proven effective and is always consistent. Pair these powders with any of our liquids and never worry about switching again.

Why should you use it?

Our Acrylic Powders have always been leaders within the industry for 30 years. All of our powders can be mixed together to give you a custom color, setting time, and workability that is perfect for you.