Primer & Bonder Combo

32 fl. oz. COMBO Magic Bond & PH Plus

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Magic Bond Primer is a non-burning and non-etching primer that allows acrylics, gels, or fiberglass to adhere to the natural nail.  Magic Bond is compatible with many different artificial nail applications.

Size: 32 fl. oz. COMBO Magic Bond & PH Plus
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Magic Bond

What is it?

Magic Bond Primer ensures proper adhesion of acrylic to the natural nail. Non-burning. Non-etching. Non-acid. An industry leader of over 15 years.

How is it used?

After the nail tip is applied brush on a small amount of primer to the exposed natural nail. Wait for primer to dry completely (approximately 1 minute).

Why should you use it?

Magic Bond Primer reveals a clean, moisture free, reliable surface for acrylic to adhere to.


PH Plus

What is it?

An essential step that can ensure maximum adhesion for all nail products. PH Plus shifts the surface of the natural nail to its optimal pH level. 

How is it used?

Simply apply it to the natural nail and wait 30 second. Once dry the nail is ready to increase the adhesion of all nail enhancments.

Why should you use it?

Use before nail polish to prevent chipping. Use before primer for added lifting prevention. PH Plus improves the adhesion of all nail products.

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