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Polish Lock Base Coat

32 fl. oz.


Size: 32 fl. oz.
Product Total:

What is it?

Polish Lock Base Coat is an all new formula from our previous base coat! Polish Lock is a fast drying base coat that applies easily to the nail, levels imperfections, creates excellent adhesion for colors and helps prevent the color from staining the nail bed. Polish Lock base coat dramatically extends the life of most nail polishes.

How is it used?

This product is to be applied to the natural nail just before polishing with color. 

Why should you use it?

When it comes to maicures and pedicures the last thing you want is a client comming back after a couple days because their polish didn't last. Using Polish Lock base coat will help prevent that from happening. 

  • Levels Imperfections
  • Soft, Tacky Base Coat
  • Prevents Chipping
  • Prevents Peeling
  • Anchors Nail Polish
  • 3 Free Ingredients
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