Pink & White Promotional Package

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Whether you are veteran nail technician or just recently licensed, this is the kit for you. Pink and white acrylics have become quite popular in many salons. With hundreds of options on the market, it is difficult for a nail technician to pick a winning combination of liquid, powder, and sealer. Well, look no further.  This is the best system available and it is more affordable than ever before!

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Nomma Plus

Our #1 selling liquid. Nomma Plus® delivers technologically advanced features to the professional nail technician. Nomma Plus® is a primerless liquid that dries quickly, never yellows, and applies smoothly without a strong odor. Nomma Plus® is recommended for a perfect Pink and White nail application. If you desire the very best liquid in today’s industry Nomma Plus® is the best choice.


Acrylic Dark Pink

Our best selling powder for pink and white. Our Acrylic Powder Dark Pink is a standard setting, medium pink polymer that is the perfect blend of pigment, performance, clarity and adhesion.  

Advanced Super White

The whitest white available.  This standard set polymer puts other manufacturer's white powder to shame.  Like all of our polymers it non-yellowing, but what what makes it the best is color.  This is the whitest polymer on the market today!


UV Sealer

UV Sealer is a full cure gel top coat that adheres to any type of artificial nail and does not require being wiped with alcohol. It is extremely durable, provides a long lasting shine, and cures in 1-2 minutes under most UV lamps. Our UV Sealer is an excellent choice to finish pink and white acrylics or gel nails. No wiping with alcohol is needed and its unaffected by acetone.


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