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Our #1 Selling Liquid!
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What is it?

Our #1 selling liquid. Nomma Plus® delivers technologically advanced features to the professional nail technician. Nomma Plus® is a primerless liquid that dries quickly, never yellows, and applies smoothly without a strong odor. Nomma Plus® is recommended for a perfect Pink and White nail application. If you desire the very best liquid in today’s industry Nomma Plus® is the best choice.

How is it used?

Nomma Plus® is compatible with all of DeEnterprises’ powders. Primer is optional but recommended for habitual problem lifters. Nomma Plus® can be used for tip overlays, sculpted acrylics, or applied over natural nails for added strength.

Why should you use it?

No lifting and Non-Yellowing creates happy clients. Happy clients generate returning customers.  Nomma Plus® can be relied upon time and time again. All DeEnterprises’ monomers (liquids) are compatible with all DeEnterprises’ polymers (powders).

  • Excellent for pink and white nails
  • No primer required
  • Never yellows
  • Fast drying
  • Non lifting
  • Low odor
  • Durable
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