These top quality, paraben-free, all purpose healing body lotions are a necessity for every salon. Infused with vitamin e, this protein enriched formula is never watery, never greasy, and leaves skin soft and moisturized.  Formulated to perfection for hands, feet, and total body.

  • High Quality
  • Paraben Free
  • Vitamin E Enriched
  • Never Greasy
  • Never Watery
Size: Gallon
Product Total:

What is it?

An all purpose body lotion guaranteed to satisfy.  Excellent as a daily hand, foot or body moisturizer.  Perfect for manicures, pedicures, or massages.


How is it used?

Apply to dry skin as needed and massage.  Repeat as needed.


Why should you use it?

This paraben-free formulation delivers a safe leave-on application for both clients and technicians.  Each lotion is formulated with precision to never be watery or greasy.  Vitamin E and protein enriched moisturizers deliver a long lasting healthy skin glow.

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