32 fl. oz.

Item # 50-160
Size: 32 fl. oz.
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What is it?

This is a fundamentally different liquid then a traditional liquid. It uses a cross linking formula that delivers excellent adhesion to the nail.  A primer is optional for this liquid. Marry this product with our PH Plus and your salon can offer adhesion that is second to none. Extreme dries quickly, applies easily, never yellows, and is stronger then most traditional liquids. This formula is a great alternative if you are experiencing lifting.

How is it used?

It can be used with any of our acrylic powders.  Extreme is often used as a liquid for sculpting acrylic nails. Due to its unique formula the use of a primer is optional. We do recommend using this product with our PH Plus to remove oil and increase adhesion to the next level.  Avoid contact with skin.

Why should you use it?

All of our liquids can be used with any of our powders.

  • Provides excellent adhesion
  • Never Yellows
  • Optional Primer
  • Cross liked formula
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