Dual Sealer

1/2 fl. oz., 16 oz., Gallon

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What is it?

Dual Sealer is a full cure gel top coat that adheres to any type of artificial nail and does not require being wiped with alcohol. It is extremely durable, provides a long lasting shine, and cures in 1-2 minutes under most UV lamps and 30 seconds under most LED lights. Our Dual Sealer is an excellent choice to finish pink and white acrylics or gel nails. No wiping with alcohol is needed and its unaffected by acetone.

How is it used?

Apply a thin coat over any acrylic product. Put a UV lamp for 1-2 minutes or a LED light for 30 seconds. Unaffected by acetone.

Why should you use it?

Perfect protection for acrylics and will not yellow.

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