Dip Combo

1 Pound Resin & 32 fl. oz. Activator

End of 2019 Resin & Activator Combo


1 x 32 fl.oz. Brush On Activator

1 x Pound of Dip Resin (Choose Below) 

Add on:

Any Resin pound for only $75.  



Thin is more commonly used as a gel base. 

Medium can be used for Top or Base as it is in the middle. 

Thick is more commonly used as the top for a more shiny finish. 

Size: 1 Pound Resin & 32 fl. oz. Activator
Product Total:


What is it?

The fundamental step behind any dip system is the resin. our Medium Dip Resin can be used as a gelous base, gel base, or gel top.

How is it used?

Dip Resin should be brushed on and then dipped into the desired acrylic powder of your choice. Used in combination with our Brush On Activator or Spray On Activator, Colored Powders and our standard powders to create beautiful nail enhancements. 

Why should you use it?

While dip systems have been around for many years, only recently has it gained global popularity. Dip systems have the strength and durability of acrylic systems with a quick, low odor application. It really is the best of both worlds, without the headaches of Gel Polish. 



What is it?

Brush On Activator is a Dip Resin activator. It is used to harden the resin when you have completed t

How is it used?

Brush On Activator is designed to be used as part of any dip system. Once you have completed he dipping process you simply brush on our Brush On Activator to harden the resin. 

Why should you use it?

Dip systems are becoming one of the newest trends. The advantages of using our brush on activator for your resin is simple. It works well and you can buy it at an economical price. This allows for lower costs on your Dip services achiving two main goals. Making your company more competitve and more profitable at the same time.  

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