D-Pro Dip Kit

4 fl. oz. Kit w/ 1/2 oz



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Size: 4 fl. oz. Kit w/ 1/2 oz
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What is it?

Our D-Pro Dip Kit is a nices step towards offering DIP services in your Salon. Not only does the kit come with 1/2 oz bottles of each product, but you also get 4 fl. oz. refill bottles. This kit is priced at a terrific savings over many other competitive kits. None with nearly the volume of services available.

How is it used?

This DIP system requires a specific order of opperation in order to complete the service correctly. While a set of basic instructions comes with the kit, there is a more in depth instruction list at our blog. DIP System Instructions

Why should you use it?

While dip systems have been around for many years, only recently has it gained global popularity. Dip systems have the strength and durability of acrylic systems with a quick, low odor application. It really is the best of both worlds, without the headaches of Gel Polish. 

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