Aqua Liquids

2, 4, 8, 16, 32 fl. oz. & Gallon

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What is it?

A truly unique system, Aqua Nails is a water cured acrylic system. In other words, the liquid and powder does not harden until the tips are placed into warm water. This allows the technician to position the acrylic perfectly before the nail cures. The nail technician is in total control of the entire nail forming process.

How is it used?

Prepare the natural nails like traditional nail products including Magic Bond Primer. Apply Aqua Liquid with Aqua Powder to one hand. Once the acrylic is positioned, place the hand in a manicure bowl with warm water. While nails are curing in water apply Aqua Nails to second hand. Switch hands put the second hand in warm water and file and buff the first hand. Note the warmer the water the faster the nails will cure.

Why should you use it?

It’s an excellent alternative to all other nail enhancement nail products. Many people who are allergic to traditional acrylic systems may be able to wear Aqua Nails. Aqua Nails allows the technician extra time to position the acrylic. The technician is in total control.  Aqua Nails is a smoother acrylic requiring less buffing.  Aqua liquid is extremely low odor.

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