Advanced Powder Fast

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Advanced Powder Asian Blend Fast

  • An excellent natural pink powder to use in the winter.
  • Ideal for technicians experiencing cold climate application issues.

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***New Powder***

Advanced Dark Pink (Fast Set): We have been seeing more and more people switching to faster setting powders. It only seemed natural that we would make a faster setting version of our standard set Advanced Dark Pink. Now our customers who like using fast powders don't have to be slowed down by their pink powders.

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What is it?

Advanced Powder (Fast Set) is designed for experience technicians who want a faster setting powder or for cold winter conditions. Advanced technology provides excellent nail retention and a smooth, self leveling finish. Advanced powders are unequaled in quality and stability with fewer bubbles than the competition. Fast setting reduces drippy and runny acrylics.

How is it used?

These are used similarly to any acrylic system. Pair these powders up with any of our liquids and never worry about switching again.

Why should you use it?

Advanced Powder (Fast Set) provides excellent control. It is bubble free, self leveling and improved adhesion, with good clarity and hardness. All of our powders can be mixed together to give you a custom color, setting time or workability that is perfect for you.

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