Angelic Kit

All 35 colors + 4

  • Kit Includes: 35 Colors, 2 All-in-One Top & base, & 2 Eternal Base Coat
  • LED or UV light curable
  • Easy soak off  formula.
Size: All 35 colors + 4
Product Total:

What is it?

This is a complete kit with all 35 Gel Polish Colors, 2 Eternal Base Coat bottles and 2 All-in-One Top and Base Coat bottles. Angelic™ Gel Polish applies smooth, cures under LED and UV lights, and soaks off well. This is a high quality gel polish formula with nothing spared in quality. The difference is because we are a manufacturer we can sell them to you at a more affordable price.

How is it used?

This gel polish like all nail enhancements first requires proper nail preparation. Summarized instructions: 1 thin coat of All-in-One or Eternal base coat then cure, 2 coats of color then cure between each coat, then add 1 coat of All-in-One and cure and last, wipe with alcohol. For complete Angelic Gel Polish Instructions.

UV and LED light Cured

Why should you use it?

Gel Polish is an extremely popular product among today’s professional nail technicians and will continue to stay that way. Luckily DeEnterprises Inc. can offer you a high quality gel polish that will help to increase your profit margins.

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy removal with acetone
  • Easy application
  • No chipping
  • Shiny Finish


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